Extended Warranty Program

Extended Warranty Program

To provide extended performance protection for your equipment, you can lengthen Arc Machines one-year warranty by one year with our new Extended Warranty Program. This Plan can extend your AMI service up to a total of two (2) years.


  • No out of pocket cost for repairs for the life of the extended warranty.
  • Parts and labor costs are fully covered.
  • Repair work performed at Arc Machines Technical Services facilities.
  • Extended warranty program is backed by Arc Machines, Inc., not a third party.
  • Protect your investment for up to two (2) full years.

Program Details

1. The Extended Warranty Plan covers all serialized items:

  • All serial numbered Power Supplies, Weld Heads, Wire Feeders and Hotwire systems manufactured by Arc Machines Inc.

2. The Extended Warranty Program is not available for:

  • Items that are not serialized
  • Cables, adaptors and add-on accessories
  • Serialized and non-Serialized Guide Rings, Inserts and Tooling
  • Non serialized Remote Pendants

3. Shipping Terms

  • Warranted items are to be returned to AMI with freight paid by customer account. Any items sent to AMI freight collect will be refused. Customer is required to provide their freight account for return shipment from AMI.

4. Price of Warranty

  • At the time of Purchase/Invoice:
    One year (12 months) Extended Warranty - 8% of sale price of warranty items.
  • Within 90 days of initial purchase:
    One year (12 months) Extended Warranty – 12% of sale price of warranty items.

5. Administration

  • Advise your AMI Sales Representative upfront if you wish to obtain extended warranty coverage.

Extended Warranty Program does NOT cover the following:

  • Replacement parts or consumable items including but not limited to gas lenses, lamp bulbs, replacement wire nozzles or wire liners, batteries, cooling fluids, connecting hoses, filters, electrodes and any other parts or materials which are designed to be consumed during the life of the product.
  • Failures of non-operational components such as but not limited to: case or body housing, plastic cases, knobs, rollers, clamp inserts, handles warping, rusting of any kind in the housing, case or frame of the covered product or any non-operating part, including plastic or decorative parts; scratches, peeling, and dents.
  • Damage resulting from unauthorized repair, improper connections, electrical wiring and/or connections; damage caused during delivery/transit, improper installation, abuse or misuse.
  • Failures due to corrosion, rust, dust, animal or insect damage, Acts of God such as: fire, water, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail, earthquake, civil disorders, riot, nuclear accident, accidental physical damage by any external cause; malicious mischief; theft or vandalism.
  • Failure to follow the instructions set forth in the product’s owner’s manual, or the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures, and requirements set forth in the product’s owner’s manual as may be supplemented from time to time by Arc Machines, Inc. maintenance recommendation updates issued to the purchasers for such product from time to time.
  • Any service request, which results solely from customer education or no problem found diagnosis, or normal maintenance or adjustments usually performed or performable on-site by the customer’s own service personnel.
  • Extended Warranty Contracts are non–transferable.
  • Offer valid for customers within the United States of America and Canada only.

For more information please contact the AMI Service Department.