Fusion Welding Class

The FREE two day fusion welding training class is held on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month

Class outline - Day #1:

The first day is spent in the classroom going through the Training Manual, getting acquainted with the equipment and options and ending with developing preliminary weld schedules.

  • Equipment familiarization/installation/operation
  • Safety, warnings, do's and don'ts
  • Set-up and functional description
  • Model 8 and Model 9 weld heads - configuration/operation/calibration
  • Preparation of the weld joint for automated welding
  • Weld schedule development

Class outline - Day #2:

The second day is dedicated to equipment operation, equipment programming, weld schedule modification and hands-on welding.

  • Welding with the Model 207A, Model 205 Power Supplies and Model 8 and Model 9 Weld Heads
  • Weld schedule modification
  • Synchro/step welding (heavy-wall pipe)
  • Additional information and equipment

For further information please contact the Training Department at training@arcmachines.com