Multi-Disciplined Engineering Capability

From full-service turnkey product development to on-site engineering support, our multi-disciplinary approach enables our team to tackle the toughest problems. We apply our skills, systems and processes to optimize the outcome of a client’s project. Our standard of excellence in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software development, coupled with our energetic, enthusiastic approach to customer service, uniquely position Arc Machines Inc. as a leader in the realm of TIG joining products and technical service.

AMI Engineering is specifically focused on product development and working with clients to develop and manufacture their products and equipment. From its inception, AMI has created a service-based culture that operates at the highest ethical standards. A cornerstone of AMI Engineering is to respect and protect the intellectual property that is both entrusted to us by, and generated for, our clients.

Success in any engineering endeavor is more than execution of a good design. It's taking a project from concept to reality with perspective and vision, active participation and accountability. For the AMI Engineering Team, success is the culmination of effort; multi-focused with one vision.