Repair, Upgrade, and Preventive Maintenance Programs

After several years of service your system may require refurbishment to ensure its original high performance or other types of service such as system calibration. AMI offers its Customers a dedicated Repair, Preventive Maintenance, and Upgrade Program to keep their equipment in excellent working condition and to get the most out of their valuable investment.

AMI’s Repair and Product Upgrade Services

  • AMI’s Technical Service offers field service programs that consist of complete product evaluation, repairs, and upgrades for each Customer in the program.
  • Machines calibrated and certified yearly or upon request.
  • After each visit the Customers receive a detailed service report with all procedures performed or repairs completed and recommendations for future repairs or updates.
  • At the beginning of the program the product to be repaired or upgraded and its unique history is reviewed and evaluated. The details of each repair are maintained and recorded as well as all component replacements for every individual assembly or subassembly unit by serial number. An accurate genealogy enables AMI technicians to easily identify top or sub-level repairs, and the history of any repair or update.
  • Customers are advised of all available product upgrades and receive free software upgrades or recall upgrades at time of site visit.

Benefits of AMI's Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Service Department: Our service repair group are trained specialists backed by over $3,000,000 of inventory and equipment to assure efficient customer service and support. Rapid response to customer needs is our utmost priority. Our technicians are available to travel worldwide to assist our customers.
    Our Service Department will notify our Customer in advance of the anticipated date of visit to confirm that the equipment is ready for service. They will keep our Customer informed of all software and hardware changes available for the equipment to minimize down time.
  • Customized Program: Our preventive maintenance program provides our Customers with customized maintenance programs to achieve the longest mean time between failures (MTBF) and the best equipment performance. The maintenance programs are designed to minimize unscheduled downtimes and to provide a good return on investment.
  • Highly Trained Service Personnel: Our team of experienced factory trained professionals provide our Customers with the highest quality in-house or in-field service and recommendations necessary to achieve the best possible efficiency and dependability for their AMI equipment.
  • Genuine Spare Parts: AMI uses Genuine Factory replacement parts to ensure optimum Reliability and Efficiency.
  • Economical Approach: We make it easy and economically attractive for Customers to participate in the Preventive Maintenance Program. Scheduled visits will allow AMI to make the best use of available manpower allowing us to pass along those savings to our Customers.
  • Documentation: Detailed repair and maintenance reports are completed by our field service personnel upon completion of the inspections and submitted to Customers.
  • Discounts: Preventive Maintenance Program Customers are eligible for a 10% discount on original factory parts used during regularly scheduled visits, and a 5% discount on in-house repairs of qualifying equipment.