Model 6 The Most Productive Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld Head in the World

The Model 6 is a rugged, field-proven weld head for high-production welding of tube-to-tubesheet using the GTAW process. The Model 6 has exceptionally fast mount and dismount times for ease of operation and productivity. The torch is positioned on the tube to be welded by a pneumatically operated locating fixture. With the touch of a button, the locating fixture precisely locates itself over the tube to be welded.


  • Rugged, reliable tube-to-tubesheet weld head with 200 A torch
  • Welds projected or recessed tubes with filler wire, or  flush joints without filler wire.
  • Unlimited torch rotation
  • Makes multiple-pass welds without stopping
  • Self-supporting on tubesheet
  • Air-operated fixtures speed up production
  • Welds in any position, including overhead

Available Torches

The “C” and “D” torches (for fillet welds) are spring-loaded torches with a chill follower. The chill follower is located on the inside of the tube to be welded and contacts the tube wall exactly opposite the electrode, thus minimizing the possibility of burn-through on thin-wall tubes. The mechanics of the spring-loaded torch allows it to perfectly track the shape of the tube regardless of minor ovality. The "E" torch is for welding flush or recessed tubes.

Compatible with the AMI Model 227 and Model 415 Power Supplies.

  • Arc Voltage Control
  • Travel Speed
  • Water Cooling
  • Wire Feed

Quick Specs

Weld Current200 A DC (max.)
Arc Voltage ControlAutomatic
Rotation Speed0.1 - 10.0 RPM
Wire Feed Speed5 - 100 IPM
(13 - 254 cm/min.)
Wire Manipulator (Manual Adj.)Vertical, Horizontal and Angular
Filler Wire0.030" recommended
(0,8 mm Ø)
Wire Spool2 lbs., 4" standard spool
(1 kg, 100 mm)
Tungsten Size1/16" or 3/32"
(1,6 mm or 2,4 mm Ø)
Weight16 lbs. (7,3 kg) less cables
Torches "C", "D", and "E"Water-cooled, 200 A DC, 100% Duty Cycle