Model 9-675/750 Ultra Low Profile Weld Head

The Model 9-675/750 weld head is the newest addition to the AMI Model 9-series weld heads and was designed for special request to accomodate extremely tight radial clearance applications.

OD Range: 0.093" - 0.750" (2,3 mm - 19 mm)
Electrode Size: 0.062" (1,6 mm)
Drive Motor: 28V DC with integral gearbox and tachometer
Max. Current Capacity: 200 A (pulsed basis)
Max. Rotation Speed: 9.9 RPM

  • Optional electrode location symetrical to clamps available
  • No tools required to operate
  • No gas cups required
  • Water cooled rotor, lower clamps and cables
  • Double hinged clamps suitable for low radial clearances

Compatible power supplies:
M205 WDR, M207, M307, M217 WDR