Narrow Groove Welding

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Model 2 Narrow Groove Welding Systems

The Arc Machines Model 2 is a series of specialized durable, high precision components that are custom-configured for specific application requirements. The Model 2 is generally used in production applications where orbital welding may be impractical.

The Model 2 “building block” approach uses a series of standardized motion stages for functions such as AVC (Arc Voltage Control), Torch Oscillation (weaving), onboard Wire Feeder and Travel. Up to eight motion axes of movement can be integrated into a welding system and controlled by the AMI Model 415 Power Supply, including positioners, side beams, welding lathes, seamers and rotators. The Model 2 series can also be equipped with a wide variety of general and specialized welding torches including hot wire and remote arc viewing systems.


  • Rugged production welding system for beam or positioner mounting
  • Modular design for easy customization for specific applications
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Multiple torch configurations available, such as:
    - Simple torch with (AVC) and wire feed
    - Torch with AVC and Oscillation,
      Vision System optional
    - Hot-Wire Torch with AVC and Oscillation,
      Vision System optional
    - Narrow-gap torch with AVC, Oscillation
      and Vision System

Controlled by Arc Machines’ Model 415 Power Supply/Controller with built-in digital data acquisition and multi-servo control capabilities.

  • Arc Voltage Control
  • Hot Wire
  • Oscillation
  • Travel Speed
  • Vision System
  • Wire Feed
  • Wire Manipulator