Model 62 Configurable, Heavy Duty, Precision Orbital Pipe Weld Head

The Model 62 is a versatile, high precision, heavy-duty weld head designed to support complex GTAW (TIG) welding projects.
It is the best weld head solution for its ability to be configured for a wide variety of applications.

The Model 62 is constructed using interchangeable modules that can be reconfigured even in the field by using simple hand tools. The Model 62 can be configured to perform ID or OD welding, and fillet welding using a standard tilt AVC system. The weld head can be equipped with a wide variety of AMI torches including remote Vision Systems, Narrow-Gap Technology, and Hot Wire configurations.

The Model 62 weld head is constructed using 5 basic modules:

5 modules

1. Travel Module
The Travel Module includes all hardware required to mount the weld head on a standard AMI pipe guide ring, and a clutch so the head can be manually positioned, as needed. The Model 62 is driven using a precision dual motor drive system that virtually eliminates backlash and provides smooth travel motion. As standard, the Travel Module is equipped with 20 IPM drive motors (other speed ratings optional) with encoder feedback, eliminating the need for routine calibration. The travel carriage unit can also be equipped with an optional water cooling jacket for use under extreme preheated conditions.

2. AVC Module
Each Model 62 AVC Module is fully self-contained  and provides vertical motion for the torch height or AVC axis of the weld head. The AVC Module mounts to the Oscillator (cross-seam) Module using a universal AVC bracket that can be inclined, allowing off axis welding operations including inverted AVC operations. The  standard AVC   Module provides 6” (150mm) of torch motion. Optional AVC Module lengths are available from 2” to 16” (50mm to 405mm) in 2” (50mm) increments.

3. Oscillator Module
The Model 62 Oscillator Module is fully self-contained and provides cross-seam motion for the weld torch.  The standard Oscillator Module provides 6” (150mm) of torch motion. Optional Oscillator Module lengths are available from 2” to 16” (50mm to 405mm) in 2” (50mm) increments. The Oscillator Module can be mounted  in a variety of configurations to satisfy a specific application such as short axial clearance, lower radial     clearance, AVC/OSC inverted operations (right angle welding), and so on.

4. Wire Feed Module
Standard wire feed speed is 0-200 IPM (300 or 400 IPM optional)
The Model 62 Wire Feed Module consists of 4 sub-components that are available in various configurations:

1. Standard 8” (200mm) Wire Feed Spool. Optional 4” (100mm), and 12” (300mm) with idler carriage available.
2. Wire Drive consisting of a two roll drive mechanism.
3. Wire Kits. Available for various wire diameters and types.  
4. Wire conduit. Optional wire straightener available.

As standard, the Model 62 is configured for single wire but can be ordered for dual wire feeding. The addition of the Model 501 Power Supply will provide the best system for Hot Wire welding. 

5. Universal Wiring Module
The Universal Wiring Module provides an articulated termination point for the welding services and control cables that allows the cables to be rotated into more ideal position for a given application. The Universal Wiring Module also provides the connection points for the other modules such as the Travel Module, AVC Module, and Oscillator Module. All essential torch services including shielding gas, water cooling supply and return, and electrode power are connected to the Universal Wiring Module. Other more advanced torch features, such as single or dual arc viewing illumination, wire feed manipulators, dual wire feed can be easily added, making the system plug and play configurable.

Torch Options:

The Model 62 is compatible with a wide  variety of AMI welding torches. The unit is pre-wired for easy mounting of specialized torches for remote control welding, hot or cold wire welding, Narrow-Gap Welding (fixed or rotating electrode), ID welding, and other standard or specialized applications.

Compatible Power Supplies:

M415, M501

  • Arc Voltage Control
  • Oscillation
  • Travel Speed
  • Water Cooling
  • Wire Feed

Quick Specs

5 Basic Modules
Travel Module, AVC Module, Oscillator Module, Wire Feed Module, Universal Wiring Module
Optional Module
2nd Wire Feeder Module
OD Range8.625" (219 mm) - unlimited including flat
ID Range22" (558,8 mm) min. - unlimited
Travel Speed
20 IPM
Torch AVC Stroke
4”, 6”, 8”, 12”
Torch Cross-Seam Steering Range
4”, 6”, 8”, 12”
(101,6; 152,4; 203,2; 304,8 mm)
Torch Oscillation Ampl.
+/- 0.5” (12,7 mm)
Wire Feed Speed
5 – 200 IPM

Wire Spool Size/Weight


8” (200 mm) standard

50 lbs (23 kg)
(with 6” slides & cable)

Water Cooling