Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

AMI’s technology in tube-to-tubesheet welding is second to none in the heat exchanger industry. As a result, millions of welds using AMI’s Model 6 and 96 Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld Heads have been performed in a variety of welding procedures from stainless steel fusion welds, to fillet welds on carbon steel, to titanium clad heat exchanger welds and many other applications.

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 Reducing heat exchanger manufacturing times by up to 75% Model 207
Model 9 series

Orbital Welding in Record Time
A company in Holland maximizes productivity with orbital tube-to-tubesheet welding

Model 6
Model 96

Re-Tubing of Heat-Exchangers at Texaco’s Refinery


Model 6

Tube-to-tubesheet welds increased by 80% per shiftModel 227Model 6