Fusion Butt Welding

Arc Machines’ extensive line of automatic orbital fusion (GTAW, TIG) tube welding systems addresses the needs and outperforms the welding specifications of industries as diverse as food, dairy, bio/pharmaceutical, aerospace, semiconductor, power generation and ship building, just to name a few. Tube or pipe sizes from 3/32” OD (2,3 mm) through 7.5” OD (190,5 mm) in wall thicknesses up to 0.160” (4 mm) can be welded x-ray clear, with 100% penetration.  Our liquid-cooled weld heads are ideal for OEM jobs, high production usage or heavy-wall applications. Our extensive line of weld head and power supply accessories increases production rates, results in weld heads that are more adaptable to multiple applications, and makes difficult welds easy. Whether it’s an ultra-high purity process gas line, a titanium fuel line, a high pressure hydraulic, or steam line, Arc Machines orbital welding systems are unsurpassed in their ability to repeatably produce critical welds at the touch of a button.

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The Orbital Tig Welding of the CBERS (China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite) Propulsion System



Orbital Welds Take Flight
Orbital welding produces top-grade welds on titanium hydraulic lines for Cessna’s fastest jet.
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Model 9-750
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Considerations for the Orbital Welding of Corrosion Resistant Materials to the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Standard

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Installation of Pharmaceutical Process Piping - A Case Study

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ASME Publishes a New Edition of the Bioprocessing Equipment Standard - ASME BPE 2002

Latest Developments in Welding Specifications for Sanitary Process Piping

Orbital Welding Technology for Pharmaceutical Piping Systems

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Installation of an Orbitally Welded Hygienic Piping System
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Orbital Welding of Stainless Steel Tubing for  Biopharmaceutical, Food and Dairy Use
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Pfizer Animal Health Group Upgrades and Expands Facility with Orbital Welding and State-of-the-Art Equipment
Model 9 Series

Effects of Purge Gas Purity and Chelant Passivation on the Corrosion Resistance of Orbitally Welded 316L Stainless Steel Tubing

Fiocruz builds modern multiproduct pharmaceutical plant in Brazil for vaccine production
Model 9 Series

Orbital Welding in Compliance with the
New ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) 1997 Standard

A Guide to Codes and Standards

Use of ID Pressurization to Control Weld Profile in Semiconductor Ultra-High-Purity Process Gas Lines
Model 9-500
Orbital Welding of Stainless Steel Pipe for Water SystemsModel 207Model 8

Soldadura y tecnología del siglo XXI

Industry Standards to Help Improve Hygienic Design and Installation Practices of Process Systems

Orbital Welding Passes Inspection Tests in Powered Milk PlantModel 227Model 9-4500
Model 95-6625

Welds Assure Sanitary Piping For Draft Beer

Model 9 Series
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An Overview of the Effects of Sulfur on the Orbital GTA Welding of AISI Type 316L Stainless Steel Tubing and Pipe

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Highly Successful Semiconductor Cleanroom Fabrication Operation in UK Features Orbital Welding
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Matsushita Completes Ultra High Purity Nitrogen System Reducing Contaminants to PPB Levels
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Ultra High Purity Stainless Steel Pipework System Used Orbital Welding Technology
Model 9E
Installing IBM Semiconductor Process Tools at Sandia National Labs
Model 9E
Orbital Welding of Christmas Tree Assemblies for the Terra Nova ProjectModel 227Model 9

Orbital Welding of Corrosion Resistant Materials for Bioprocess Piping Applications

 Orbital Welding of Small Diameter Tubing Model 8
Model 79
 Orbital Welding of 316L Stainless Steel Tubing  
 1,776 Joints Welded at Staples Center  
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