Houston, we don't have a problem, we have a NEW office location!

AMI expands its presence in the Southwest to provide the best service and equipment to its customers in the region

Arc AMI Houston OfficeMachines, Inc. is delighted to announce the expansion of its US operations with the opening of a new office in Houston, TX. AMI’s new office in Houston, TX will provide a central hub in which to better facilitate relationships with customers in the oil & gas industry. Managed by Outside Sales Manager - Mike Avina, the new office will support the service, repair, maintenance, and lease & rental of AMI equipment.

The new office address is:
Arc Machines, Inc.
10650 Haddington Drive
Houston, TX 77043
Contact: Mike Avina at 713-385-2339 or mike.avina@arcmachines.com

Service at your location or at ours is available!
1530 Live Oak Street
Webster, TX 77598
To schedule for service call Baltazar Ortiz at 832-632-1174
or e-mail him at baltazar.ortiz@arcmachines.com

The First AMI Welding Calculator App is Available

Download for Free!

Fabtech 2014Using input from Customers, welders, floor managers, trainers, and internal staff we have created the most robust, user-friendly collection of welding-specific calculators, in one easy-to-use app.
Avaiable for download via Google Play and Apple Store, the app includes the following features:
- Heat input calculation
- Energy density calculation
- IPM and RPM conversions
- Averages
- Volumes
- Fractions
- Deposition rate

Users can also save or share calculations using the mobile operating system sharing capabilities. Users can also select either English or Metric units.




The new workhorse of the orbital welding industry is here!

M217 WDR

AMI's new state-of-the-art M217 WDR power supply is basically the new M207 with a slightly new design and strengthened and expanded features, one of which is the WDR (Welding Data Recording) capability. This 150 Amps machine produces high integrity, sanitary welds at the touch of a button. This rugged and durable power supply will exceed the specifications required by high purity, aerospace, power generation, and other industries.

Features & Benefits:
- New 12" high resolution industrial grade color touch screen making the operator's life much easier.
- 2 each USB 2.0 ports for easy data transfer between devices.
- 10x larger internal memory capacity than of the M207. The computer controlled, pre-programmed internal memory can hold over 1,000 weld schedules and up to 99 levels per schedule.
- S3 weld schedule programming capability for multi-level welds.
- ID/OD on-screen gas pressure monitor
- Fault monitoring for water and gas
- H2O sensor
- At 66 lbs. (30 kg) the M217 WDR is 13 lbs (~6 kg) lighter than the M207

first look at the M217 WDR