Product Bulletin – Introducing 217P

The Next Evolution in Fusion Welding Power Supply


M205 and M207 Power Supplies End of Sale

The M217P Portable Welding System Controller

Arc Machines, Inc. (AMI) is pleased to announce the newest addition to our automated fusion orbital welding systems the M217P which began shipping on October 1, 2016. This new workhorse is offered as a compact unit creating ease of portability for on-site applications while maintaining all the functionality of the M217. The M217P replaces the M205.

  • - 35% smaller footprint and 27% lighter than the M217
  • - One-hand carry handle
  • - 10” color touch-screen display
  • - 100% Duty Cycle, 5-150 amps
  • - Manual or Auto schedule generation, S3, Pulsed, Non-Pulsed or Step
  • - Storage for 1000+ weld schedules and up to 99 levels per schedule plus Weld Data Recording
  • - 217P Is designed to work with all AMI’s orbital fusion weld heads and is capable of welding tube

AMI is known for designing the most reliable and innovative welding system controllers with the finest user interface available in the automated orbital welding industry.

Existing M205 customers will find that the enhanced 217P is 9% lighter; includes the advanced features of the M217, with a larger 10-inch touch-screen and will retain the output connectors of the M205. Orders for the M217P weld system controller are being accepted now, with deliveries scheduled for mid-October 2016. 

End of Sale for the M205 and M207 Power Supplies

As part of the evolution of our Fusion weld system controller product family, we will be ending the sale of the M205 and M207 power supplies.

  • - M205 and M207 orders will be accepted until January 31, 2017.
  • - Service, spare parts and consumables for the M205 and M207 power supplies, produced after 2016, will be supported through December 2026.

If you have any questions, please contact your AMI representative, or contact us at 818.896.9556 in the United States, South America or Asia, +44 (0) 1327 879606 in the UK, and +49 (0) 2245/9168-0 in Germany; or via email at

 *Arc Machines, Inc. is committed to providing excellent service and support to our customers during the entire lifetime of its products. However, units do reach an unavoidable stage and need to be discontinued due to; changes in manufacturing technologies; lack of availability of parts; the use of parts that no longer comply with regulatory guidelines. Certain Pre 2006 units may contain componentry that is obsolete and will be supported until stocks of obsolete components have been depleted. AMI encourages customers to take advantage of our new products, and in some cases, AMI may offer attractive upgrade options for pre 2006 production date owners of M207s. Please contact AMI or your local AMI Representative with questions regarding upgrades options.


The First AMI Welding Calculator App is Available

Download for Free!

Fabtech 2014Using input from Customers, welders, floor managers, trainers, and internal staff we have created the most robust, user-friendly collection of welding-specific calculators, in one easy-to-use app.
Avaiable for download via Google Play and Apple Store, the app includes the following features:
- Heat input calculation
- Energy density calculation
- IPM and RPM conversions
- Averages
- Volumes
- Fractions
- Deposition rate

Users can also save or share calculations using the mobile operating system sharing capabilities. Users can also select either English or Metric units.

 AMI Welding Calculator App  



The new workhorse of the orbital welding industry is here!

M217 WDR

AMI's new state-of-the-art M217 WDR power supply is basically the new M207 with a slightly new design and strengthened and expanded features, one of which is the WDR (Welding Data Recording) capability. This 150 Amps machine produces high integrity, sanitary welds at the touch of a button. This rugged and durable power supply will exceed the specifications required by high purity, aerospace, power generation, and other industries.

Features & Benefits:
- New 12" high resolution industrial grade color touch screen making the operator's life much easier.
- 2 each USB 2.0 ports for easy data transfer between devices.
- 10x larger internal memory capacity than of the M207. The computer controlled, pre-programmed internal memory can hold over 1,000 weld schedules and up to 99 levels per schedule.
- S3 weld schedule programming capability for multi-level welds.
- ID/OD on-screen gas pressure monitor
- Fault monitoring for water and gas
- H2O sensor
- At 66 lbs. (30 kg) the M217 WDR is 13 lbs (~6 kg) lighter than the M207

first look at the M217 WDR